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White Berry (Indica)


White Berry goes so deep, it penetrates the limits of time with legendary might. Ganja breeders decided to mimic his profound depth by creating a heavy hitting indica, coined as White Berry. This 75 per cent indica and 25 per cent sativa cultivar derives from the renown White Widow and Blueberry genetics.

Berry is a versatile indica strain that produces calming effects while giving users an extra pep in their step. When White Berry is consumed in higher quantities, the typical result is a sativa head high effect with an indica-style body high.

Medical patients love Berry White for its healing properties, namely the ability to combat insomnia and chronic pain. The sedative properties in the strain give it the perfect punch to tackle even the most stubborn aches and let you feel restful at a time where your brain may normally keep you up. For mental health issues, Berry White is a great strain for treating symptoms of depression, chronic stress, anxiety, and even minor cases of PTSD.