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Blue Fin Tuna Kush Mediums (Indica) AAA


Tuna Kush is an indica-dominant strain from Canada from an unknown breeder, though some say it’s Hazeman. Genetics of the rare strain are also mostly unknown but it seems reasonable to assume it’s descended from Hindu Kush. The Tuna Kush strain has a deep, pungent, and somewhat sour aroma that will that will have you racing to spin one up.

Tuna Kush, once a very guarded strain in very select circles, is now available to medical patients looking for strong and immediate relief. Tuna Kush is an extremely potent heritage Hindu Kush variety with origins in age-old hash smuggling routes. This variety drips resin in all growing phases and carries a very strong odour. At harvest she produces some of the most potent, hard resin covered kush buds on the planet.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.