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CBD & THC 10:1 Distillate in Algae Oil – by Pegasus


Algae Oil Tincture By Pegasus Information

Pegasus is renowned for its top tier wide selection of the best and supreme cannabis flowers, concentrates, and tinctures. Pegasus Tinctures 1000 mg Algae Oil is the proud product that marks a high-quality selection and a superior customer care commitment.

This Algae Oil Tincture by Pegasus is sourced inclusively by their absolute best premium cannabis products from growers that have a minimum of 35 years of experience in the industry. This truly speaks extremely high volumes to the superior quality of their products, and to their in-depth dedication to their consumers.

Pegasus Tinctures 1000 mg Algae Oil, containing 10:1 CBD | THC, brings forth a strong front of the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. Natural Mind 10:1 distillate is designed to offer balance, harmony, and natural healing to its users.

It contains non-GMO Algae Oil, THC Oi,l and CBD Oil, offering 100 mg of Full Spectrum Distillate THC and 1000 mg of Full Spectrum Distillate CBD per 30 ml.

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