What do you need to start smoking cannabis?

Interested in trying cannabis but not sure what you need to start? We have compiled a list of useful items you can find online or at your local smoke shop to start your cannabis journey today!

  • Your favorite strain of weed. Remember sativa is great for energy but indica might keep you in the couch. A hyrbid strain will have a perfect balance of both.
  •  Rolling papers – Raw is a popular brand with different options
  •  Crutch/filter – Ones you roll on your own or pre-rolled
  •  Pen or similar object, to pack the joint
  •  Grinder
  • Rolling tray
  • Stash Jar to keep your weed fresh and house less stinky
  • A to-go stash container
  • An ashtray
  • Lighters – a lot of them because they will get lost or stolen
  • Bong, Pipe, Vaporizer – the choice is yours how you want to smoke it!
  • Rubbing alcohol to clean your equipment – cannabis gets sticky
  • Munchies – You will get hungry and thirsty!
  • Incense to cover up the smell when grandma comes over
  • Entertainment – you’ll need something to keep you entertained, maybe a show, some music, friends or hobbies of your choice!

And last but not least a safe environment. If THC can cause you anxiety attacks, keep a paper bag on hand!

We at BC Weed Express wish you a happy cannabis experience!